Renal Research 

Kidney Atlas Data Portal

Kidney Atlas Data Portal

Gene Expression

Gene Expression Database

Xenopus Gene Expression Database (XGEbase)

EuReGene's primary Gene Expression Database contains in situ gene expression patterns in the developing and adult mouse kidney and will, in future, house microarray data for a number of species. Annotation of in situ expression patterns is ongoing. The database interface allows for browsing per gene, with relevant links to external databases, per anatomical component of the developing and adult mouse kidney or per experiment for both microarray and in situ data.

Kidney Development

Kidney Development Morphology

EuReGene has constructed a time-sequence movie of morphological changes in the developing mouse kidney. Starting at 11 dpc (TS18) the movie captures changes in development until 17.5 dpc (TS26).


Kidney Section Viewer and Query Interface

Adult Nephron Graphical Query Interface

Whole Mount 3D Models of Highlighted Kidney Structures

Histological sections of mouse kidney at Theiler Stage 26 (TS26) of development have been photographed and digitally reconstructed. Anatomical components of the nephron have been identified and painted onto the reconstruced images. Nephron components from different painted sections can be selected, allowing gene expression patterns in the selected components to be identified.

Mutant Phenotype

Phenotype Data

Mouse mutant phenotype data has been collected from several EuReGene partners. The genes contributing to each of the mutant phenotypes will ultimately link to further data (including gene expression data) on the relevant gene. Anatomical components affected by a particular phenotype will permit gene expression-based queries to determine other genes which may also be expressed in the particular component.

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  • Research within EuReGene is subdivided in 4 Topics:

  • Functional genomics technologies (Topic 1)

  • Renal development (Topic 2)

  • Pathophysiology (Topic 3)

  • Complex genetics (Topic 4)

  • Research partners can be involved in more than one Topic. This possibility facilitates cooperation between groups and the exchange of scientific results among the partners.

  • All partners contribute data to the continuously growing kidney atlas which will eventually contain all the data acquired during the EuReGene project and which will be publicly available.

  • If you would like to read more about EuReGene, have a look at the Preview published in Organogenesis 2005.

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